Thursday, January 13, 2011

Midtown, late afternoon.


Lesley said...

love the pink shorts! not very many can pull those off, but she looks fantastic. i love the way she just slung her sweater over her shoulders, all tangled like that. so simple, but she looks so cute!

jae said...

love her shorts!

Maria Tereza said...

amazing pink shorts! Like editorial pieces, she look pretty.


Nnenna said...

love the pink shorts and tennies, so sweet! :)

Festy said...

Thanks for your mail! I like your blog, too. And I'm following it.
Have a nice day!


Tierney said...

So cute. I love that it's a girly twist on an otherwise nautical outfit.

I wish she had red lipstick on. Haha. (Well, I wish everyone had red lipstick on..)

Gorgeous pics.


Anastasia said...

I love her shorts!!!