Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A question about Black?

The last post got me thinking. Is there any other country in the world that gets accused of having too much black in their fashion diet? Any European country perhaps? There has been a big trend for New Zealand designers to focus on black..no bad thing as far as I'm concerned..but just interested.


Aldina said...

Great question. I think black is such a popular choice because it goes well with anything...more people buy it as a result and it's more cost efficient for designers to design clothes in a color people will buy.
But yeah, in Europe (partic. France) black and dark colors are very popular.

PS: I wrote an interview about a great up and coming designer. Do check it out when you get a chance :) Would appreciate that.

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Anonymous said...


Nathalia said...

jajajjajajja Milanooooo!!!
don't get fool by all the style italian bloggers... because the rest of the common people only wears black in Winter ( my mom used to accused them of being too somber when she came to visit me one time)... but as I said in my last comment, sometimes it can be so effortless chic, so thats good!
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Missy Baileys said...

a mi me encanta el negro!! en verano e invierno :) siempre queda bien!!!
great post ;)

Kit-Cat-Kitty-Cat said...

I would say it's certainly a European trend amongst a certain group of people. A lot of people I know that work in fashion wear black - moreso the people working behind the scenes.
I'm ALWAYS being accused of wearing too much black. Admittedly, it's laziness more than anything - black always look chic and it's easy to accesorize when you're tired & grumpy getting ready for work early in the morning!

Love this look

jae said...

This reminds me of melbourne, melbourne is definatley known for that "black on black" hahaha. Not that I'm complaining, I love my black just as much as the next melbournian.


Joanna K. said...

nice outfit!!


Maria Tereza said...

I love it!
perfect outfit for many occasions.
it's a cool way. I love her hair too.

Kerry said...

Wallace, what I find particularly funny is that both your posts commenting on the prevalence of black are in Auckland, when any Kiwi knows it is always Wellington that gets hit with the black on black stick! It is certainly in Auckland too, but Wellington is usually used as the key example of this.

I try and reduce this as much as possible through my own bursts of colour :-)

QueenLeeya said...

I heart this look. <3

Anonymous said...

I think black is heavy in fashion and fashion cities everywhere. I thought NYC was the only place where people were accused of wearing too much black. Thanks for the culture lesson!