Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Palazzo pants

What do you think of Palazzo pants?? Thanks to singers like CeCe, they had a moment around 1993. They're a super roomy hybrid of bell bottoms and these are Trelise Cooper ones.They've sort of come back..but what REALLY had me excited about this image was her stack of 'Where the wild things are' books about illustration. I used to LOVE Where the Wild things are...big time ! But didn't everyone... ?


Kate said...

Brilliant picture. I'm not sure what I think of palazzo pants, I think some types look good on some people but terrible on others! These really suit her, although I prefer the more flowing ones of a lighter fabric.

Lauren said...

I am loving the return of palazzo pants, but I also generally prefer the flowing silhouette of a lighter, silkier fabric.

The Styleseer

alisha said...

Wow brave look but she rocks it. Loving the platform shoes too.

theTsaritsa said...

Not crazy about the pants in the photo (they're high-waters, for one), but I think that style can look good. Don't know if I'd ever wear them myself.

Maryna Sisley said...

Love your photos, very naturals and simples.

Kisses from Paris.



Wallace Chapman said...

@Maryna - thanks so much...love your site also ! wallace