Sunday, July 24, 2011


There's something I love about the laddish aspect to Brit culture. This guy is from Camden North London, or "Norf London, you know what I mean?". North Londoners have a distinct vibe..all Ben Sherman, Fred Perry..and all that. Tottenham. Great stuff. He's been in NZ for only two weeks. Hope you like it !


Maria Tereza said...

i want his t-shirt for me!
cool photo

fashion westie said...

You know I'm all about his flat cap!!!!

Anonymous said...

This photo makes me miss Camden!

Marino (Madz) Harker-Smith said...

A bit generic compared to some of the other people you've feature on here...did u only take this photo cos he's from Camden?

Wallace Chapman said...

@Marino- good question, but no, I just liked his style really ..and his cap