Saturday, July 9, 2011


The all over dark ( but not black ) tones are a standout for me. Good winter overcoat. check. Good boots. Check. This is Andrew B. White - one of the leading graphics guys in town ( from '87 in fact), designing posters, CDs, and so on.  Take a peek at some of his photos here.


Lauren said...

I agree. The dark monochomatic look is cooly stylish.

The Styleseer

Theri said...

I love your blog and nominated it for the One lovely Blog Award!

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caitlin said...

Such a sharp look! He's pulled everything together perfectly.

I love the cut and colour of that coat especially.

Andrew B. White said...

What an honor to be featured on your great blog Wallace and to do some 'mutual blogging'

The coat is Little Brother - readers will be familiar with Murray Crane
Very hard to find winter coats that suit Auckland weather and aren't big and bulky. This one is perfect - lightweight and not too hot for our mild winters - just add a scarf for the colder days. I like the look of it too. I was not able to find a coat like this for ten years (since I borrowed a friend's coat and took it to Paris one spring - it has that Paris look I think).