Tuesday, July 19, 2011

David Bailey took this mans photo

It turned out that Ravi Sarin used to be a model working in London in the swinging 60's. " Now that you've taken my photo, let me tell you who I've worked with. Heard of Lord Patrick Lichfield and David Bailey?" So this guy here was shot by the photographers who literally shaped the way we saw the 60's. From Mick Jagger, to Jane Birkin to Andy Warhol to Lennon, to Marianne Faithfull. " I worked in London in the 60's said Ravi, hanging out with all that crowd, particulary Pink Floyd. Who incidentally I'm catching up with when Roger arrives here. " Ravi...if you can believe it, is in his mid 70's.


Lauren said...

Great story! And he still looks great - definitely not like he's in his 70s.

The Styleseer

Wallace Chapman said...

a minor correction.." close to 70" not in his mid seventies. still!