Saturday, August 13, 2011

Upcoming exhibition

A group called Concerned Citizens kindly asked if I would do a post about an upcoming photography exhibition. And it looks great. One of the remarkable things about photography is it’s ability to focus the mind around an issue with a single frame.

UNRECOGNISED is an exhibition that will feature works from Palestinian collective ActiveStills as well as local talent, alongside works by prominent South African photojournalist and film-maker Mark Fredericks, New Zealand artists including Auckland’s “living legend” Gil Hanly, controversial “Dole Artist” Tao Wells, musician Imon Starr, and human rights activists John Minto and Tame Iti. I will include our press release below, as well as an ActiveStills photograph and exhibition poster, the exhibition is on the 19th of this month.

Wellington – Garrett St [19th-21st Aug] • Hamilton – Void [19th-21st Aug] • Gisborne – PBC & The Dome [date TBC]• Whanganui – Arc Theatre [19th-21st Aug] • Auckland – Te Karanga Gallery [22nd Aug-1st Sep] • Dunedin – TangentĂ© CafĂ© [19th-21st Aug] • East London, South Africa – Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University [Aug-Sep]


Tiffany said...

this looks so cool! i wish i could go.

Sabina said...

Interesting how Palestine and Israel are referred to as if they're two different places.