Saturday, September 3, 2011


Any guys wardrobe must at least have one plaid blazer. Here is Yvan with camera always at the ready. " Now it's my turn to photograph you" he said. " I love the way you bend a bit when you take that again! " Check his popular blog, facehunter

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Edelweiss said...

wonderful couple!! you & Rodic! I love you two!

Lauren said...

Yvan looks great here. I love it when the camera gets turned on the photographer (except when the photographer/subject is me, of course;)).

The Styleseer

Don't Shoe Me said...

yvan has impeccable taste in fashion and spotting fashion... i enjoy his blog the most due the incredible number of ppl he shots and how soo many of them have very unconventional and unique styles that r not the usual jcrew catalogue type of style that most other street fashion bloggers cover. can't wait to bump into him someday to tell him so myself.

Wallace Chapman said...

@Edelweiss...thanks !!