Monday, September 26, 2011


Divine, Divine, Divine, Divine, Divine. This is a favourite colour right now. And what a cute fringe and hat. This is Katy Thomas, model / presenter around town. Wunderbar !

Any comment can be chosen as winner of a Kester Black rooster in!


Lauren said...

Yes, this is a really cute outfit. The hat well suits her face and hairstyle, and the pop of bright lipstick is a perfect finishing touch.

The Styleseer

Milo and Mitzy said...

Agreed. What a total Babe! Amy x

Allie Emm said...

Love the color of her dress, and the lipstick just made this outfit that much more amazing!
xx Allie

Sufi said...

Wunderbar? Are u german <3 ??
I love the outfit..!

Jovana said...

She is so cute, and so good dressed

Sophie said...

Love the colours. Nails, Lipstick and dress!