Monday, October 31, 2011

Fires of Waco

I think the T-shirt and the tattoo was the clincher for me. Or was it the HAIR. As a street photographer there is one rule. Never go past a great afro. I don't know much about Fires of Waco (ok nothing) but I'm keen to find out! Love his boat shoes.

Any comment can be chosen as winner of a Stray Kangaroo Tree in!


Edelweiss said...

love the hair and the tatoo! i want one!!!!

Lauren said...

That is a great afro - very 70s!

The Styleseer

Sabina said...

Love the ink on his leg. Nicely done tats are always a great accessory.

Aych said...

Oosh, I wish I was brave enough to get inked.. especially on the calf... not much fat there... He be so brave!

Young boy's bodies amaze me... so up and down.. gorg! xxx