Friday, October 21, 2011

Giveaway wrapped and set to go

...and possibly to you. Sonia from Stray Kangaroo jewellery sent this over last week, beautifully delivered in navy bow and bright stripes - the sterling silver pendant presumably ensconced safely inside. I'll be giving it away at the end of October, so any comment on any post will be in the draw.

Oh and join the Stray Kangaroo facebook page also.

Any comment can be chosen as winner of a Stray Kangaroo Tree in!

1 comment:

Turlututu-Chapo-Pointu said...

As we all know the All Blacks are gonna beat the froggies on the RWC final on sunday, this beautie should definititely be send to a french fashionista, it might help the whole country forgive the Kiwis for the win-to-be... Ohh,and what a coincidence, Im French :p