Friday, October 7, 2011

A meeting at the Ponsonby bus stop

I came out of a curry house, sat down at the stop, and this gentlemen asked me if I was a fan of hot curry, and we just got chatting. His name is Hansand, and is an Indonesian Muslim in his 70's. He used to work in the disability field, and we talked about everything from food to Middle east politics. " A lot of it is about petrol," he said. "Many people think that!"

Then upon leaving he gave me a muslim keffeyeh ( headscarf) and hat. A real gentleman and a great chance encounter.

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m.corbett said...

i don't know why but he just looks like royalty here <3 x x

Lauren Kent said...

i love this look!

Lauren said...

He has a wonderful face - very wise looking.

The Styleseer

Matariki said...

That is a beautiful story