Thursday, October 13, 2011


Just a reminder to hook up on world wide facebook at And also that we're giving away the Stray Kangaroo sterling silver pendant (value - 280-00 NZD, so yes please) in a couple of weeks. And that I'm heartily tired of the miserable spring weather. But jumping into bed with a hot lemon and honey on such a day is a treat! Oh, and that I smelt BLUE by Chanel at a store the other day and wondering if it will become my spring scent. As you were.

Any comment can be chosen as winner of a Stray Kangaroo Tree in!


Anonymous said...

Blue by Chanel is veeery nice, I approve ;) let me know when you're going shopping so I can join.
-Nathalia Gerber

azu said...

Chanel has the BEST fragrances :) Glad to hear I'm not the only one who liked Blue. My BF didn't like it at all. BUMMER.