Sunday, October 2, 2011

Weekend casual

"Why would you want to photograph me for? " she asks. A few people ask me that, as if it's just the most irredeemably bizarre thing that someone might want to take a street photo. And when she asked, I thought God, I think she has a point. My intuitions were borne out when I downloaded the images however. She could be a Lanvin model working in Paris. Such an arresting face. Someone outside the realm of a catalogue model.

Any comment can be chosen as winner of a Stray Kangaroo in!


Lens & anything Else said...

I agree...she's a natural beauty;)!

Lauren said...

Indeed she does have a "model off duty" aspect. Well spotted.

The Styleseer

Lauren Kent said...

i really like her mix of stripes, really cool!

Catrina said...

I think she is stunning. There is every reason to want to photograph her !!
I think being a photographer would be a brilliant way to meet people :D

Anonymous said...

I think she's anorexic... :-(

Kezia said...

Oi, "Anonymous" I think you need to check yourself!
Alana is bangin, especially for someone who has gone through 6 months of chemo!