Thursday, December 1, 2011

On Streetandcityphotos...

Thanks for a lovely piece called 'Our very own Sartorialist' on Stuff. Very kind, if only it were true. Scott Schumann really has the language of the street sewn up. But what I do like about his site is that it's not entirely about fashion, and it's not about famous people. It's a certain 'other' he attempts to capture. I've been thinking over the year I've been doing this, just how clothes in and of themselves, just don't give someone that presence that makes you want to photograph them. A comment on the above post said it all:

" What I love about streetandcityphotos even more than the arrestingly simple and stunning pics that really make me stop and pause for a moment, are the pics that I dont totally agree with and yet I want to try and look at it from someone else's perspective and at least understand why someone else found it beautiful. Its beautiful to me how we all have our own version of beauty. And how there is so much beauty in ordinary things, we just have to stop and look for it. " 

Can't express it better than that. 


Lauren said...

I agree! What a lovely, inspirational thought.

The Styleseer

Sabina said...

Beautifully said. I see the beauty or style of the subjects pictured here probably 90 percent of the time.