Monday, January 9, 2012

Black for summer

Black and a dash of red for summer. Gorgeous. I adore the 70's purse. These crafty leather purses were all the go once upon a time - you don't see them around much anymore.


Vulette said...

Her hair is amazing! Thats it I am growing my hair as of this picture... Plus her no / natural makeup look with bold lip is stunning. I understand why you took her pic, she is understated yet stands out, in her own subtle way.

One of my favs!

sartorial savant said...

love her lipstick!! looks very striking

Arstcrylique said...

I love that look, super casual with a touch of rock taste that makes it pretty perfect.
Nice blog.

Sara Ottavia C.

Turlututu-Chapo-Pointu said...

cutie! Very nice lip stick.
As I brand new Auklander, I have to say your city is amazing. So many great differents styles than what we were in France. I loooove NZ =)

Rhegan said...

Amazing! such a cute outfit.

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