Monday, January 2, 2012

Kaftan Cool

As seen in the summer edition of METRO. There is nothing that says wow more than a Camilla by Camilla Frank’s outfit. Oprah wore a Camilla kaftan when she was in Sydney earlier this year from the Australian designer, whose flamboyant hand printed designs owe much to her theatre background. “This sort of kaftanesque dress is the one you want for summer,” says Stephanie.  You might wear this in Marrakesh - great to see it worn in Newmarket. The shoes are from October Reign in Newmarket. 

The METRO summer issue is a 2 month bumper edition, with fashion, Aucklands best places to do cool shit, books, and a fascinating article about Mikey Havoc, in which the author gets...mentioned.


Erika said...

This was just to much for me, but she looks like a goddess!


owlinalarkworld said...

I cannot shake the feeling that kaftans should only be worn ironically.