Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Preppy style

Please excuse the very slightly out-of-focus face, but hey, manual camera and all. By the way, if I take a photo of you and it doesn't appear, that is probably was out of focus. I included this because a) I really like this guys clean preppy style, and b) his glasses. "Thirty dollars at Cosmic Corner " was all I could squeeze out of him. But lo and behold, I went across the way within the hour to buy these very same sunnies.

Thats why I included the photo :)


Lauren@Styleseer said...

I like his easygoing preppy style and, yes, those are cool sunglasses.

Fashion Westie said...

The sunnies are rad...and his knee is in focus...consider that a win? :)

I like a clean/preppy vibe too.

Wallace Chapman said...

@Fashion Westie..thats a crackup. You're right. the knee IS in focus :)