Sunday, January 15, 2012

'Take Ivy'

Tabitha bought this iconic Japanese fashion book for me for Christmas. If you've ever looked around the streets of Auckland or Wellington, and have wondered about the origins of the preppy style look that everyone is so into right now, then go no further than 'Take Ivy'. It was originally published in 1965 with photos by Teruyoshi Hayashida, and is an incredible snapshot of the times. It's also highly influential, with first editions going for as much as 2 grand. The New York Times called it "a treasure of fashion insiders". 

The compendium focuses on the Ivy League US Universities of the 1960's and what I really love about the book especially, is how the imperfections and flaws of film (as opposed to digital) give it an authenticity that you have to look hard for these days. 'Take Ivy' - recommended. Thanks Tabby! 

ps: Now I know the origins of the 1967 sweater the woman is wearing below. Ivy League !!


Sabina said...

Wow. I agree about older pics like this. There's something fascinating about how flawed and authentic they look.

Lauren@Styleseer said...

It says a lot, too, that Ivy style has held up so well over the years!

Sarah-Rose said...

I love that last look especially. How funny that a shirt shot in 1965, saying 1967, can look so modern-retro in 2012