Saturday, February 25, 2012

The bespoke tailor

The word bespoke is a term bandied around so much these days, it's near enough lost any cache. There are in fact very few, less than a handful of true bespoke tailors around. Brendan Da Silva goes to Saville Row several times a year to brush up, and is the 'assisstant' to 'Malcolm Heard of Saville Row' - a true master tailor living in Auckland. More about all this another time soon. I just liked the portrait of Brendan Da Silva in the office of Preston and Maurice - Tailors. 


Lauren@Styleseer said...

Very cool portrait, indeed. Love the thimble on his finger!

Georgia said...

Saville Row! Seriously the name itself is enough to make me incoherent. I would get married in a suit if it was Saville Row!

suci said...

wow but lord so attractive.
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