Thursday, February 23, 2012

Do we REALLY wear more black ?

Is it really that true that New Zealanders wear more black than anyone or anywhere else? We seem to have adopted it as our national colour, and yes there is a bit of a history going on with it, of course, …but do we love wearing less colour more than say the Greeks? Or the Russians? Or Londoners? Or perhaps more, famously fashionista New Yorkers? Or the Argentinians as in the one pictured?

Anyway there is an exhibition called Black in Fashion in Wellington:

“ From the all black uniforms of our sports teams to that icon of Kiwiana, the black singlet, black is the colour most commonly associated with New Zealand identity. Through garments by leading designers, a c1890 Victorian dress and leather jacket from the film Once Were Warriors, the subject of how and why black has become part of our proud identity as New Zealanders is explored. “

What do you think?  When you travel do you arrive back home and go…good grief…wear some colour!!

OR...if we do, then is that a good thing??


Jase said...

I don't know if it's the whole black thing or just that New Zealand fashion in general is a little bit subdued. Right now there's colour everywhere because it's trendy, but as with all trends, it will come to an end soon.

lorenabr said...

OH YES! I am new to New Zealand and I have to say I have never see a place where people wear so much BLACK! I find it very depressing and sad! For a country that looks so beautiful - it's way toooooooo depressing black from head to toe. I work in the fashion industry and all I have to say is BREAK IT UP PEOPLE- at least accessorize in COLOR and stop to wear it head to toe in black and layered black as well!

Friend in Fashion said...

I'm in Melbourne, and there is definitely an all black movement here! I'm a colour kinda girl myself, but black is always a great fall back!

Friend in Fashion

bespokehome said...

I read an article about Doris Du Pont's new book about why New Zealanders wear so much black, and it's really interesting from a sociological standpoint. I am trying to limit the amount of black in my wardrobe, but it's very hard - particularly for business wear. Show us how it's done!

Esther Lemuelu said...

Yes so true we wear way to much black and its so disappointing because were such a multicultural country. I think kiwis are just comfortable in black and when you go shopping half of whats on the racks are black. Kiwis either don't care about what they wear or just don't know how to style themselves using colours.

Sarah said...

I wear a lot of black, and when I go shopping for clothes I always end up with more black, long and oversized clothes that I layer up. I guess it's just comforting to hide in a pile of black, although it isn't the best colour to wear in summer thats for sure!