Wednesday, February 8, 2012

High waisted pants

The high waisted pants look great, don't you think. She was quite tall, and they made her look even taller. The browns are cool, the bag etc. This is Laura over from Finland in NZ for a while, in Teed Street.

The kid in the background had just had a right telling off from his Dad, so he was in a little huff. Classic.


Eva said...

I love the story behind these two pictures, that little kid is awesome haha!
I love her pants too (:

Lauren@Styleseer said...

First shot is really great with the kid in the background mirroring her pose. Love her outfit, too.

Despina T. said...

i adore her pants and shoes.simple but so lovely :)

Engy Mahdy said...

I absolutely love our blog and the people you capture...I cant wait to move to Auckland and see all the uniquely stylish people. They definitely have a different charm than the people of Chch.
Keep doing what you do (Y)


Cathy of Eyelash Growth Products said...

Yeah i agree it looks good and from now on I'll try to wear such kind of outfit. Hmm.