Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Now on stuff.co.nz

I've always thought that a major news outlet can always do with a local daily street style photo. Just a glimpse of what's going on around town on that day. Well it's happened. We're proud to be part of Bronwyn Williams and her team at stuff.co.nz with the Daily Street Style Photo courtesy of streetandcityphotos. Five days a week Monday to Friday - be sure to check in to see who's on. And Wellington, I'm back soon, so there'll be more from the Capital City soon. 

No better way to start than Robert Niwa, leaning on a divine Louis Vuitton umbrella. 


Lauren@Styleseer said...


Dolly Destory said...

My boyfriend Tim was featured in today's Stuff Street Style, but I can't find him on here?

He's Tim, wearing the mint stripes :)

Want a higher-res photo to tease him with! (He's notoriously camera shy :P)

Wallace Chapman said...

Hi Dolly -Tim will be on here, a few days after Stuff - but yes Tim will be on for sure !