Monday, February 20, 2012

NZ's Twin Peaks?

I'm calling Twizel on this one. Twizel is a small Canterbury town in the South Island. Driving past one holiday, I asked my girlfriend to stop so I could take a picture of the motel. I have to stay here someday! Fascinating and curious little place. With a population of around 1,700, it was built in 1968 expressly to service the hydroelectric scheme workers. A manufactured town if you like. Yet residents fought to save Twizel when the hydro scheme project wound up in 1983.

Apparently it was laid out in a ‘Scandinavian’ fashion – looping roads, big pedestrian ways, and a recreational parkland hub. It feels like a small town experiment on the side of the highway. I do love the A frame motels and their signage. Must stay here.

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Owen Fiene said...

I got my first-ever speeding ticket here.