Sunday, April 22, 2012

God it was hard...the winners.

It was really tough to pick two winners to the Derek Cardigan glasses giveaway, the responses were really that good. Christina even had a little photo of stickies on preserves. BUT, it has to be random and it has to be fair, so the two winners picked were Sophie Joy and Richard Chen. Email me, where you live, and we'll organise your glasses. A huge thanks to Clearly Contacts. 

But as I said, more great giveaways to come, and the Frieda Sophie jewellery givvie, is still open ! 

Sophie Joy : " I've been needing to get glasses for a while now... I can barely see 5 metres in front of me which is becoming a slight issue. Specsavers were trying to convince me to buy, not one, but TWO pairs of their shitty, shitty frames for a bargain of $60. I kindly refused and I said "These are fucking hideous" and walked out. But these Derek Cardigan frames have definitely taken my fancy. And I also love cardigans which is an added bonus. Make my first pair of glasses the best pair of glasses I'll ever have. LOVE."

Richard Chen: "As a performing violinist and youth advisor to the Ministries of Health, I'm constantly meeting new people all over the country and my glasses are a big part of my image. I've always wanted to try 7013 tortiseshell specs to add a splash of vintage colour to my look. Do you think they'd suit me? " 

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My life is complete.