Monday, April 16, 2012

Golden late afternoon...Britomart

The casual side of Auckland man of fashion Paul Blomfield is one you rarely see. Here he is outside of him and his partners cool store, Curate. Paul really loves his clothes. I had a friggin half and hour conversation about his jeans and town planning. Mind you, two subjects I love so was it was fun.  

Paul was banging on about his Neuw jeans. Apparently, Neuw was inspired by Swedish designer Par Lundqvist’s vast personal collection of vintage denim, which includes pieces dating back more than 100 years.

Par calls his stuff ‘vintage revision’ – a modern denim brand with traditional attention to detail and fit.  So no two pairs are the same, with individual detailing inspired by traditional hand repairwork and tailoring.’ Says Par - ‘The imperfection is what makes them special.’

The great thing about Paul is that he is so amped about New Zealand fashion. It's quite energising. Oh, and the T is Workshop.

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grant ashley said...

He is very charismatic to talk to about fashion, and New Zealand in particular. We had the pleasure of a visit from him at out WINTEC Fashion Dip in Hamilton. It's nice to see the 'Fashion Man' in a T-shirt!