Thursday, April 26, 2012

METRO May...Ponsonby dying ?

Aucklanders love to talk about their kai, and right now the city is in a pretty good place food wise. There are some great establishments out there, and enough of a variety that I get confused about just where I want to go. Good thing METRO comes along and puts it all in a list for me. The indispensible Best Restaurant issue. It's not quite May yet, but it's out now. 

And I'm interested to read that article about Ponsonby dying. Haven't read it yet but I've really thought that it's starting to look a bit, I dunno, shabby, and not in a #bohochic way. When I take photographs around the city I have to muster the will to get up to the ol' Ponsonby Road. Because, and this is harsh, it reminds me exactly of Hamilton city's main strip. It's really just all about the big city jeeps up there. 

Having said that I've just come from the most delicious, affordable dinner, and the place was pumping - as it always is. PREGO. 

Frieda Sophie jewellery to be won. Post a comment and hey, who knows...


Steve Braunias said...

Dude what's your problem with Hamilton? You been there lately? Would you like to? email me at for details!

fashion-region said...

I just discovered your blog and I absolutely love it!