Monday, April 16, 2012

NZ...back in fashion #1

I’m going to start a section called New Zealand – back in fashion. There are some great archival pieces out there not getting much of an airing. They take in images from fashion, still life, advertising, and street photography (yes it did exist in New Zealand, and some decades back). The thing about New Zealand that many don’t realise is that we urbanised as fast as any other country in the world. Industrialisation and the car, and especially the motorway just took off. The only other country that was being urbanised faster was Argentina and the United States. We have the rural myth going on but that’s only part of our story. And so along with it came manufacturing, and of course, clothes.

Here are a couple of images first up. The first one is a woman modelling for Ross and Glendining, wearing a dark coloured coat with a wide fur collar, a small dark coloured hat, a scarf at the neck, dark coloured shoes with heels - 1940's.

The lower is a full-length portrait of a model wearing a fur coat and hat, for Mooney Furs 1930's. Both from New Zealand. Pretty cool.  

'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 34-ROS-3'
'Sir George Grey Special Collections, Auckland Libraries, 34-M53B

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