Saturday, May 5, 2012

Cool day...Wellington

Zoe & Matt in Garrett street Wellington. Zoe has a Kate Sylvester skirt & Kookai top on, and Matt has Tsubu jeans, and how about those gorgeous Mark McNairy shoes from Melbourne. The problem is, the duty to get the shoes into NZ was about 150-00! Is this always the case?

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JoJinx said...

I'm really surprised to hear that. There is a "Wearing apparel and personal effects concession" which lets you bring in clothes and shoes free of Customs duty and GST, provided they are:

~intended for your own use or wear; and
~personally owned by you; and
~not intended for any other person or persons; and
~not intended for gift, sale or exchange.

Would this not apply here? If not, other might know why :-)