Friday, July 20, 2012

Street style from over 100 years ago

Giving lie to the idea that street style is a new phenomenon - in a remarkable series of images, a depiction of Edwardian street style has been uncovered. It captures the fashions of London and Paris in the early 1900's, taken by one hobbyist Edward Linley Sambourne, also responsible for the Punch cartoons. The Library has been unearthed by the Kensington and Chelsea Libraries. Certainly much as changed in fashion, but what is interesting is this. The almost complete dominance of hats, but handbags, by and large are rather rare! A fascinating glimpse into casual Edwardian street style. Who would have thought? All we need new is a book to come out. I'd be in. 

And photography in Edwardian times was as much of an obsession as it is now. Without the food shots on instagram.  The images below are from 1905 and 1906. Holy shit. 


Fashion Sky said...

Your photo’s are always so gorgeous! This blog is perfect (:

Gabi Barbar√° said...

cool pics!!! Imagine if they had blogs at that time?

xoxo from Brazil,
Gabi Barbar√°

Vulette said...

Oh wow I love vintage photography, but usually pics from this era are meticulously posed and carefully structured. But here you actually get a sense of the personality! And the movement of the clothes!

Love it!