Thursday, August 30, 2012

Invitation to Sydney...

Gratefully accepted an invitation to Sydney (a huge thanks to Sunglass Hut and Inner Circle) for a launch, and also to take three or so days shooting the streets of Sydney for the weekend. So I'm packing my Leica and my toothbrush, and a roll of film and it's across the ditch. If there's any place thats worth checking out let me know -it's a big town, and forever changing. Standing for hours on the street shivering your butt of does have it's way of paying off..

I've always preferred Sydney over Melbourne - very much so. Maybe being from Auckland I like the sea and the coastal aspect. But I was hugely impressed on my first visit to Melbourne. Some of the inner city precincts have a vibe all of their own. I can see why Melbournites are proud of their town..

photo: Alliv Samson

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