Tuesday, August 28, 2012

METRO...September issue

The cheap eats list is worth the price of the new METRO alone. Saving for a wedding, I am all about affordability, and in a town where affordability seems to mean blowing 150-00 dollars at an eating joint, this is great. But they’re not just cheap eats…they are amazing cheap eats. I had no idea I was surrounded – in all suburbs – by some great local cuisine under 20 bucks. I mean cuisine too – Top cafĂ© dumplings, 20 for 8 dollars? I’m in. It actually got me thinking that we pay a lot in this town to socialise and eat out, and if this list serves as a calibration of a new way of thinking about the cost of going out, then bring it on. I’m frugal and proud if it.

An interesting piece on shopping online in the wake of the closure of awesome shoe shop Mei Mei (sad!), and a bloody great image of Winston Peters and Andrew Williams at a NZFirst sponsored ‘Coconut Shy’. Along with the image of Denise Roche, Winston, and John Banks sharing a row on a flight, it’s one of the political pictures of the year.   

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