Thursday, September 13, 2012

Inner Circle bloggers lunch

A fantastic time was had at the Orto Trading Co. Surry Hills, where a group of around 10 bloggers were invited to a lunch. Sometimes it's just great to step away from that computer or up from behind that camera and share in what others are doing. 

But it was also to celebrate the very robust platform that is Inner Circle. Sometimes a large brand, fashion or corporate doesn't get it right, and the creative idea can seem forced or shoehorned to fit the strict brand guidelines. I'm thinking here of the Telecom smart network blog which had some awesome contributors, but it almost felt some of their hearts weren't in it. It was no surprise that it closed, despite the great idea. Inner Circle seems a lot more real, and I think they've got the mix and feel just right. As a result, I'll often use it as a go to page to see what others on the Australasia/ Asia area are doing. See here for images of the day. Pedestrian TV are to thank for the images. 

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