Friday, September 28, 2012

The Harrington

Zac is a co-host on 95bFM breakfast. I love these Harrington jackets with the tartan lining. And they have quite a history. First made in Britain during the 1930’s when Elvis Presley made them famusss, when he wore his Baracuta Harrington in the Movie  King Creole, 1958. Since then, it’s been all on. Ryan O Neale also popularised it in the 60’s soap Peyton Place, worn by character Rodney Harrington. And so the name.

With the preppy ivy league look coming back around it’s big again, but not before skinheads and mod revivalists, and scooter fanatics, adopted the jacket in the 60’s amd 70’s. So you’ll see Harrington jackets worn with Fred Perry, or Lacoste, or Ralph Lauren, Lonsdale things like that. Zac wears his with a T-shirt from Jimmy D’s shop in St Kevins arcade. I just like the tartan.


Max said...

They're back! Harringtons were also hugely popular with english school children in the late 70's/early 80's when the coolest thing you could do was have your name printed in velvet letters (white or red) on the back to match the pipping on your jeans!

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