Thursday, September 20, 2012

Vivienne punk as ever.

“ People should buy clothes only when absolutely necessary,” said iconic Fashion designer Vivienne Westwood, after her show at London Fashion Week. Proving that the Godmother of Punk still dances to her own tune Westwood said:

“My way of not wasting is trying to concentrate on quality not quantity. My message is buy well, choose less, make it last. Even better don’t buy anything! Don’t buy anything for ages until you really have to.”

When she was asked “so don’t you want people to buy this collection?”, she replied, “No! I wish they wouldn’t I really don’t care. “

In an era where we’re deluged with cheaply made clothes in impoverished factories to cater to the fast fashion circuit today, Westwood’s take home message of buying less, but buying quality, is fashion taking us forward. An eccentric figure in a "Climate Revolution" T-shirt, stripy hot pants, a sequined bowler, and an inked-on black eye and moustache, she, quite honestly, still totally rocks.

It’s this sort of chutzpah that is missing in fashion right now. The collection was gorgeous too. She’s as punk as she ever was.


Penny-Rose said...

Great post - Vivian Westwood is my favourite designer and activist.

Fashion Online said...

Nice post Vivian...
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