Wednesday, October 3, 2012


The October METRO is out now, bangin with good stories, pieces, and images. It's the best streets issue, and a subject close to my heart...50 favourite bars. My home base of Waterview is on the rise - "13% per cent capital growth last year". Mixed blessing to say the least. The best thing about this area is the community - there's much to be lost if it gentrifies too rapidly. And with the bars, great to see Yeshi at XuXu in the feature image. 

Tahnee is in my street images page. “ I love this coat. It’s kinda…folky fashion! ” says Tahnee Mae. It is from an online shop based in Warkworth called MILK, that specializes in unique style vintage pieces. Thoughts on Fashion Week this year? “It’s cool – NZ fashion is a big fashion family really – all uniting for an annual get together.” Tahnee is a well known face in the modeling world and was on assignment at Fashion Week for 

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