Monday, October 29, 2012

The Winner is...

From the entrants in the Kester Black nail polish 4-pack competition, we chose a winner at the bottom of the post. Thanks for entering ! : 

Sharyn rogue
jessica wilson
louisa kazsa
sophie turner
paggy shen
Kellyn Wee
anna amanti
emily o brien
sarah hughes
hana osawa
carma bailey
Liz Zelnick
Lee Martin
Lauren Kelly
Melissa Bailey
Camille Owen
Ellie Miller
MacKenzie Grayson
Josie Rose Goddard
Julia Wells
Kendra Borrie
Sarah Brown
Te Maari Barham
Simon Barnaby
Donna Power
Chloe Tregrowth
Laura Storey
Gladys Yeo
Sejal Bikha
Tatiana Ceballos
Zoe Perkins
Laura Ashton
George Martin
Georgia Rose
Karol Lewis
Bailey Travis
Caz Hsiao
Lisa Mansfield
Gemma Robinson
Megan Woodhouse
Ashleigh Howan
Minnie Croft
Vulette Haines
Emma Langlands
Gabriella Cinderalla
Maricris Williamson
Dave Wyatt
Hannah Harper
Jo Blick
Beki Diamond
Sophie De Jong
Michael Hembrow

.....and ! Kendra Borrie. Congrats. Email your details, which city you live etc, and I'll send out the pack. There's another giveaway starting tomorrow, so there's always next time. There is always a next time.