Friday, February 22, 2013

A day at the Polo

I'm off to that ceremony of WASPishness that is the Polo on Sunday. The BMW Polo Open. My first polo and Tabitha and I are looking forward to it. I always thought it was quintessentially British ( I always think of Camilla Parker Bowles for some reason ) but it is in fact quintessentially Iranian. They started it in the 5thC, have a rich record of it, through poems and art and Polo is theirs. India cottoned on to it and developed the modern game in Manipur - where to this day the worlds oldest polo club 'The Imphal polo ground' resides. And from there the British nurtured their taste in the game. It appears that the English Texans were the first to play the game Stateside, and of course Ralph Lauren came along with his Polo shirts and boom - the WASP tradition is born. Fashion wise, you're in a field. Keep it smart, but casual. A nice belt. Shirt. NO Hawaiin shirts. It's not that type of party. 

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