Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Topknot crrrrraziness...

Just as an offside, I've been reading a most riveting book called Trial of the Cannibal Dog by Dame Anne Salmond. That, and Open by Andre Agassi are my two reads this year. is a book about Captain Cooks journey around the Pacific in the mid 1700's, and the top knot as a style looms large. I didnt realise, but those stones on the heads of massive Easter Island statues that look out to sea? Top knots. You see... top knots were seen as a high status symbol, so only the warrior class in many of the Pacific Islands could wear their hair in a top knot. There is a great account of some of the island peoples trying to get the British sailors to do their hair in a top knot in this book. Here's to the top knot, alive in 2013. 

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