Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Auckland...City of the homeless

So...I walk 200 metres to the bus and I see about five homeless folk. I have been wanting to mention this for a while on this blog, but I believe it's not good enough. I was amazed at the amount of people on our streets. The question is, what are we collectively doing, and how can we better help those living on the streets. Many of my 15,000 unique viewers monthly are from out of New Zealand, so be mindful, and be aware. Homelessness is also a New Zealand issue. Even in Hobbiton. 


Penny-Rose said...

Raising the profile of the problem of homelessness is one step on the way to helping those on the street. Too many people do not want to acknowledge there is a problem and look away. Thank you for directing your lens at this very real issue.

Matariki said...

Te Mahana is the draft strategy currently on the table at the Wellington City Council which is a discussion between organisations who currently work with the homeless community in Wellington finding a way to work collaboratively. Watch this space! But also, open your eyes.