Tuesday, July 30, 2013

New Balance all the way

I was always a bit of a New Balance kid growing up, so I was excited to see the return of some of the classic contours. I quite liked them, because unlike the Reebok explosion, New Balance seemed a little less pushy – worn by a few of the cool kids but equally so, the nerds in the computer class. Or the chess people. Busting out the BIG N. I didn’t go anywhere near a sports field at school, so I didn’t know how they were perceived in that domain, but on the street? Rockin New Balance with my turn-ups...life was just fine.

The brand, founded in Boston in 1906 is still going strong, and still makes a good percentage of its footwear in the USA. And I’m set to get a pair of suede mesh brown and tan Canteen Classic New Balance 574’s. Gimme the brown ones always! Check the New Balance Classic range, available in New Zealand, now. 


tired of pop said...

is this advertising?

chloe said...

Hmmm Wallace I think you should organise a giveaway!