Friday, September 20, 2013

Colin M

No one quite dresses like Auckland identity Colin Mathura-Jeffree. Where he gets all the costumes and clothes from Lord knows..maybe it's from his extensive modelling career. I first met Colin in the Les Mills changing rooms would you know it, where we got talking, and ended in him showing me his modelling portfolio. Colin is a little mis-understood by many, probably not helped by the extensive Woman's Day style lifestyle chats. He's a sweet guy, who knows an awful amount about paleontology. Yup. Dinosaurs. That his his true passion, and that is what we talked about for an hour at the gym..various pre-historic periods, and their dinosaur counterparts. is Colin, in Le Pose.


Anonymous said...

I fucking love this! Looks J Depp!

Anonymous said...

you go to all the trouble to put the look together and you don't bother to shine your shoes!