Tuesday, October 22, 2013



syed.mehdi said...

Really this casual shirt design is looking very alluring.

SociologistToTheStars said...

Dear Wallace,

I really enjoy your blog and have read it consistently since you started it a few years ago. A number of my friends have graced the pages and I have quietly observed you people watching with your camera in Vulcan lane on the lookout for interesting people to photograph. I love your exuberance for capturing interesting images and also the tangential archiving of New Zealand urban life that you are also doing.

I have a quick question for you and it's one that if I'm honest I struggle with too regarding my lifestyle, priorities, and everyday value judgements.

Pierre Bourdieu in his influential book 'Distinction: A Social Critique of the Judgement of Taste' argues that aesthetic choices are both a manifestation of and a strategy for the reproduction of social class. His argument is essentially that elites (research rich with high social/cultural capital) use the greater agency available to them to make aesthetic choices that distance themselves (through signification) from other less privileged social groupings and that this acts as a way of marking class boundaries and producing an idea of 'taste' that reinforces elite social power.

(The New York Times ran a nice piece on Hipsters through a Bourdieuian lens a couple of years ago and it picks up the issue well


My question is how do you see class and aesthetic play out in New Zealand and in your work? Do you see validity in Bourdieu's theorising? In your own work do you encounter a wide range of people from differing social backgrounds (as far as you can tell from brief interactions)? Has expanding inequality in New Zealand combined with an expansion of free market capitalism had a profound effect on New Zealand fashion and the aesthetic choices of different groups of New Zealanders?

I am interested in your views.


SociologistToTheStars said...

*resource rich (Freudian slip)