Sunday, October 13, 2013

20 Most Beautiful 2013... # 20 Jessica

Every year I do a Twenty Most Beautiful. I use Beautiful in a wider sense - people whose style I like, who have a certain gorgeous look or vibe about them. I usually compile it at the end of the year, but as I am going on my honeymoon for three weeks to Paris, Tokyo, St Tropez, I thought this is the ideal time to review some of the images of the past year. So here goes, day by day, counting down, in no particular order. And be sure to follow my travails on instagram. I'm only taking my 1953 camera overseas, so I'll post them at a later time. 


Sabina said...

Love her eyes. I can see how she made this list.

Hope you have a great honeymoon!

Anonymous said...

How come none of your people are ever more than a size 12? Fashion looks good on normal sized people too Wallace :(. Perpetrating the skinny-myth, shame on you