Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christian Lacroix papier

I had a classic conversation with the store person about this Christian Lacroix papier. Do you have a website so I can order more when I get back to NZ? No. Can I post you for an order if my friends like them? No..they will have to make the 24 hour  flight to France. see, buying Christian Lacroix papier is part of the Paris experience, and so your friends will have to come here. Yes, I was REALLY annoyed at the time, but now, I really respect his staunch attitude. Of course if you WANT Christian Lacroix papier, yes you do need to go, and should buy it in France. Good on him. It makes my notepad special. 

from my instagram. 

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Sabina said...

Normally I can't stand that sort of snooty attitude. But it is a gorgeous notepad.