Monday, November 11, 2013

Cool places...and this one's REALLY cool.

Named as one of the coolest little hotels around in a book by The Coolhunter, Tab and I decided to stay a night in Marseilles ( the European Capital of Culture at the moment ). The place we stayed was in the cutest little precint- cobbled streets just enough for a donkey to pass -  called Au Vieux Panier. It is an art hotel of sorts, and our room was covered in blackboard paint, and where the artist Julien Colombier had drawn a gorgeous mural where one just lay awake at night staring at it! ( Chanel produced a pop-up in book in association with Colombier ) Anyway - I recommend this place to all NZers. It was totally cool indeed - a magic haven hidden inside the humble exterior. PS - It was only down to my amazing wife Tabitha Chapman, that I knew about this place. 

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Sabina said...

That is a cool looking place in deed.