Friday, November 8, 2013

Lighting the candle

Well talk about timing. No sooner had I been sent some beautiful candles from ECOYA, a power cut struck our house in the early evening. Intending to save the candles for a special moment, all of a sudden, the special moment was upon us – Just Tabitha and I. No food, no hot tea, no nice hot bath, just an ECOYA candle and the two of us. It was sublime.

I’ve always had a love of candles. Maybe it’s something liturgical – the symbolism of lighting a candle is infused with meaning. Renewal, hope, regeneration. Going to Avignon on my honeymoon, and seeing the candles lit in the massive cavernous Grand Palais, the seat of seven former Popes, struck that idea home to me. Or Tabitha lighting a candle at Notre Dame cathedral in Paris. The ECOYA candles here incite the room with fragrance. Sweet pea and Jasmine. French Pear. Who could ask for a better evening in a powercut in Waterview. Thanks ECOYA. 

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