Wednesday, January 29, 2014

En Vogue...The button-Up?

Not that I've seen it much at parties, or functions or the like, but I have been noticing quite a number of guys on the street with their top button done up. And for Xmas, Tabitha gave me a book about the very subject (below), which is a sort of history of how it arose out of working class London. I always love fashion provenance stories. It attempts to explain the phenomena: 

"The fastened collar represents control; it's emblematic of chastity, like a country vicar tightly fastened into his clerical best. It is a symbol of conformity, characteristic of the uniform (Raf) Simons is so impassioned of. But you also think of mods, skinheads and casuals, the counter-culture movements who harnessed the pin-neat pinned collar as a mask. " 

David Lynch, Joy Division, Pet Shop Boys..all buttoned up boys. As were everyone in Dunedin for a time. This is Heyongseop...and I love the way he is wearing his Gucci bag!

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