Sunday, January 5, 2014

St Tropez magic...

Firstly,  TOMORROW – the long wait is over!  We announce the winner of the Gitte Soee jewellery competition.

My last post about St Tropez. This coastal town in the French South really captivated me. It had a style and a spirit that really ignited my imagination. And I almost thought about how I might be able to buy a little pad there (you gotta dream).

The Grimaud Castle, originally designated as a fortress/lookout, is well worth checking out. And as I have said before, the first thing that Tabitha and I do, is try and discover a café that will be our daily morning coffee place. We decided it would be the truly fabulous, and rather famous red café overlooking the harbor. It is called Le Senequier café. Painted entirely in bright red, it is set up especially for ‘people watching’ (a serious hobby in St Tropez). But is not just a tourist trap. The new owner (pictured) was determined that the locals would come and get behind the café as well. So there are local meetings held here, events specific to the area and for the locals – quite clever. Brigitte Bardot would often be seen here, as well as many other rather fabulous folk.

Gendarmes were a big part of 50’s French Film and so there is still a station with a Gendarme playing up for folks as you can see here, and…well I just really fell in love with this place. Was a treat to be able to capture it on my '58 Leica. 

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