Saturday, March 15, 2014

My fave Marilyn Monroe image

There's an exhibition on in Auckland right now of images of Marilyn Monroe. They are limited edition prints, and on sale, for around 2-3 grand. This one, by George Barris is my favourite all time Monroe image. I was reading about her in Vanity Fair last year, and she had such a sad professional life. Monroe was constantly bemoaning the fact that she was getting paid way less than her co-stars. She was highly literate, and poorly paid. She received a tenth of what her co-star Jane Russell received in Gentlemen prefer Blondes, because the studios just never took her that seriously. The treatment of Monroe at the hands of the studios seemed really quite unfair, and indeed, quite callous. 

Random fact: Marilyn's intervention got Ella Fitzgerald her first major engagement at a Los Angeles nightclub. In 1955 the colour bar was still in force, but Marilyn convinced the management to let Fitzgerald play by promising to sit in the front row for a week.


lorenabr said...

This is such a great image of her.

Toni said...

I think she's incredible. this is such a sweet photo too :)